Katie’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas movie on my T.V., Christmas candles burning, my room dimly lit by the garland on my dresser and a sleepy puppy next to my side, these are a few of my favorite things! While 2020 is trying to dampen everyone’s Christmas spirit, I refuse to let it rain on mine! Let me start by saying Jesus truly is the reason for the season. But, I would be lying if I said gifts weren’t my other favorite part of Christmas! Quick clarification. When I say gifts, I mean giving gifts not receiving them. It’s ironic, while giving gifts is the primary way I show love receiving gifts lands in last place when it comes to how I receive love (according to the 5 Love Languages).

A positive of COVID this holiday season is that Black Friday deals have already started and in some cases will continue through the end of November and even the end of the season! And, while I know you have or will come across many gift guides, I thought I’d share my own! Most of the items I’m going to share, I have or have tried. Therefore, this definitely is geared toward the ladies but men maybe this will give you some ideas for that special person in your life!

  1. Aerie Fleece Sweatshirt & Jogger Set
    With a new puppy, I am going outside frequently and most days early in the morning. I quickly realized that I was going to need some cozier and warmer lounge wear with the temperatures dropping and winter quickly approaching. I found this matching set at Aerie on sale and OH. MY. GOSH. In the words of Agnes from Despicable Me, “It’s so fluffy (read comfy) I’m going to die!” I wish I could buy this set in every color just so I didn’t have to wait to wash it before getting to wear it again. Even if you aren’t going outside in frigid temps to walk a dog, you won’t regret this set! It’s perfect for those winter nights cuddled watching a movie with some hot cocoa. I will say when it comes to sizing you could probably get away with sizing down a size for the pants. I ordered my original size and they’re a little baggy. The sweatshirt I would recommend ordering your normal size.
  2. dop Phone Mount
    This item I haven’t personally used but it popped up as an Instagram ad and I was instantly excited. The phone mount is a small, portable, suction mount that you can put on mirrors or other flat surfaces and then you get a mount ring that you put on the back of your phone and all you have to do is slide it in! Think of the angles for selfies, make up tutorials, cooking tutorials, etc. without the hassle of dealing with a tripod. Despite being an aspiring blogger and thinking of the content one could create, it could be useful for anyone! I mean who doesn’t take a selfie?!
  3. Good Chemistry Queen Bee Perfume
    I was actually given this as a gift by my roommate last Christmas because she thought it would be useful to take on my trip to Europe. Not only was it useful for that trip but every other trip I’ve taken since and honestly it has become my every day perfume. I keep it with my make up so that I can quickly swipe it on while getting ready. It’s a good stocking stuffer or even if you’re in the market for a new perfume, I highly recommend!
  4. VieBeauti Eyelash Growth Serum
    I cannot take credit for finding this product. My sweet friend Josie came over for wine night one night and I asked if she had fake lashes on because they were SO long. She told me about this serum and I ordered it that night! I have tried a couple other lash growth serums including GrandeLASH and haven’t had much luck but I have noticed growth with this one. Not to mention it’s MUCH cheaper than GrandeLASH and some of the others on the market.
  5. Marble Cheese Board
    Where are my host/hostesses at?! I know you are feeling my pain of not being able to host during this pandemic but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of life after the pandemic! I saw this marble cheese board and fell in love. I have a big round wooden cheese board that I use ALL the time. Not only do I use it for charcuterie boards but currently it’s acting as a decorative piece on my kitchen table. Even if you or the person you are shopping for already has a cheese board, you can never have too many! At least that’s my mantra… 😉
  6. Gold Cheese Knives
    Continuing with hosting and charcuterie boards, these affordable but beautiful cheese knives will take it up a knotch! I love a good gold accent piece when it comes to really anything and just imagine the look of these paired with the marble cheese board above.
  7. Rabbit Wine Set
    As I work through each item on this gift guide, it’s become clear to me that each item is portraying how I’ve spent my pandemic life: eating cheese and drinking wine. Costco currently has this Rabbit wine set on sale for $19.99, SUCH A STEAL. It comes with a foil cutter, electric corkscrew, aerator/pourer and preserver. Truly the perfect gift for the wino in your life, even if that person is you!
  8. enewton Jewelry
    Full disclosure, my mom is the one who turned me onto enewton as she’s always the one keeping me up on the cutest brands. I actually bought two friends some bracelets from here for their birthdays. They are simple, dainty pieces that I recommend getting a couple to stack. Due to their simplicity they will go with everything!

Hopefully this will help take off some of your Christmas shopping stress or maybe it’ll influence you to treat yourself this season to some fun items! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy Thanksgiving!


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