Trader Joe’s Favorites

Happy Monday friends! Typically, I do my grocery shopping on Sunday’s and for the most part, I shop only at Trader Joe’s. This post is solely about Trader Joe’s products so if you don’t do your grocery shopping there, maybe this will inspire you to take a trip!

In true Katie fashion, I need to call myself out for a second. I posted an Instagram story asking for my followers’ favorite Trader Joe’s items back in the BEGINNING of February and I’m JUST getting around to consolidating and posting this. I apologize for the delay!! The bright side is I have been able to try some of the recommendations I received. I decided the best way to do this is to break it out into sections. I am not including a fruit section because honestly all their fruit is so good, fresh and cheap! For any that were recommended that I tried and liked I will put an asterisk (I did not try all of them!!). I will also include “Katie’s Picks” in each category which are ones that weren’t already recommended by someone else that are my personal faves. Hopefully this will make your next Trader Joe’s haul easy!

Katie’s Pick: Shredded Cabbage and Carrots–great as a base for bang, bang shrimp or with lime juice to make a taco topping!
-Teeny Avocados*

Katie’s Pick: Cottage Cheese or Plain Greek Yogurt
-Sour Cream (apparently it’s better than Daisy)

Frozen Food
Katie’s Pick: Shrimp–they have all different sizes and it’s great to have in my freezer for last minute recipes.
-Orange Chicken
-Chow Mein
-Chicken Tikka Masala meals
-Cauliflower Crust*
-Cauliflower Gnocchi*
-Frozen Goyza Pork Potstickers* (I’ve only had the chicken ones but also good!)
-Frozen Jasmine Rice (I get their frozen brown rice and love it)
-Frozen Fried Rice
-Feta Caramelized Pastry Bites
-Orange Morsels
-Turkey Meatballs
-Beef Stir fry

Katie’s Pick: Spicy Hummus–so cheap and so yummy!
-Red Pepper Eggplant Spread
-Everything but Bagel Dip*
-Spinach/Kale Greek Yogurt Dip
-French Onion Soup

Katie’s Pick: Balsamic Glaze or Thai Sweet Chili Sauce
-Greek Goddess Dressing
-Sriracha (it’s better than all the others)*
-Everything But Bagel Seasoning*
-Creamy Tomato Basil Sauce*

Nonperishable Food
Katie’s Pick(s): Cowboy Caviar, little Brioche Toast crackers, Olive and Rosemary crackers
-Dried Mangos no added sugar
-Banana Chips
-Scandinavian Swimmers
-Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups*
-Peppermint JoJo’s
-Almond Butter (unsalted)*
-Wine* (their Trader Joe’s brand wine is literally so amazing and cheap!)
-Cookie Butter
-Dried Mangos no added sugar
-Banana Chips

This whole section is all of “Katie’s Picks”
-Honey Chevre Goat Cheese*
-Italian Truffle Cheese*
-Dutch Gouda*
-Double or Triple Creme Brie*

Pre-made Meals
This whole section is all of “Katie’s Picks” and are great in a cinch!
-Chinese Inspired Salad (so good and only 4 points for the whole salad on Weight Watchers)
-Greek Salad (wish it included chicken but it’s a good Greek salad)
-Mexicali Salad
-Field Fresh Chopped Salad with Grilled White Chicken
-Stuffed Peppers (4 points on Weight Watchers per pepper)
-Carne Asada (2 points for the whole package on Weight Watchers!!)
-Greek Chicken with Orzo

Katie’s Pick: Lately I’ve been into the Sparkling Strawberry Water–so yummy and good to mix with vodka 😉
-Candles* (they usually have seasonal ones!)
-Flowers* (can’t emphasize this enough!!)

If your favorites aren’t on this list, please let me know! I’m always looking for new products to try 🙂 For those who haven’t gone grocery shopping this week yet, I hope this helps with your list! Again, for those who haven’t shopped at Trader Joe’s, if there’s one close, highly recommend!


One thought on “Trader Joe’s Favorites

  1. Great blog. I have been to Trader Joe’s one time a couple years ago. It was just a ” grab ‘n go” stop.
    I am going to have to revisit now that I have read your reviews.

    I’d leave more comments but I am so hungry for the Feta Caramelize Bagel Bites that I am heading to Trader Joe’s!!!!


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