2020 Summer Essentials

As I write this blog post I’m sitting on my front patio with sweat dripping #thanksDMVhumudity. Ohhh, the beauty of summertime.

Summer is typically my favorite and busiest time of year. Between beach trips, country concerts, visits to see friends, making sure I’m tanning at any point in time, rooftop bars and outdoor brunches, I make sure to take full advantage. This year is obviously a little different. While country concerts, rooftop bars and outdoor brunches may not necessarily be happening, I did go to the beach, I have been trying to see friends if circumstances allow, rooftop bars and outdoor brunches have been replaced with drinks on our patio and I definitely have been making sure to go to all extremes to tan when possible. My current set up is me sitting in a beach chair either in front or behind my house, depending on the time of day, with a hose for the occasional misting 🙂 My plan is to get a kiddie pool that I can just set the chair in but I digress.

Even though there a lot of things I’m unable to do this summer, I’m not calling it a bust. It’s been fun to try and go to new places. That being said, there’s definitely a few items I’m relying on this summer that I wanted to share with you all! I have linked all the products below and you can also find some of them on my LIKEtoKNOW.it page. Disclaimer: None of this is sponsored. These are just products I have bought or received that I’ve enjoyed and wanted to share!

What is LIKEtoKNOW.it?
Before I share the products I wanted to take some time to explain what LIKEtoKNOW.it is as I just launched my account and will be using and referencing it a lot in my posts. LIKEtoKNOW.it is an app (you can also access it on the internet) that allows what they call “influencers” to post pictures of clothing, jewelry, home décor, etc. and tag the products or similar products directly on the post so those who like the products don’t have to try and find them and can easily purchase them. I guess what I’d call the caveat, if you can call it that, is those who are an “influencer” aka the ones posting, make a commission if someone accesses the link to the product through their post. I also learned that not everyone can just become an influencer. I’m not sure what the standards are or how I got approved but I truthfully had no idea about the commission portion until I became an “influencer” for the site. I also want to assure anyone reading this it’s not any sort of pyramid scheme and making money is the absolute last reason I created an account. Truthfully, I just wanted to share my frugal finds and because I’m sharing frugal finds, the commission is small. The highest grossing product I have posted is $4 if that shows you I’m really not in it for the money.

Katie’s Summer Essentials

Now that we got that taken care of lets talk my most used items of the summer thus far! A couple of these items I either got in my summer FabFitFun box or received as a gift. I have linked each product in the heading in case you’re interested in any and since LIKEtoKNOW.it didn’t have some of the exact items.


I got this as part of my summer FabFitFun box and it was one of the items I customized myself. Highly recommend FabFitFun (if you’re on the fence about doing it, check out this post) as I’ve found a lot of great products through my boxes, like this one! During quarantine I have spent a lot of time at a local park day drinking or just hanging out and talking with friends. Typically, we just use these small lunch bags I have so I knew when I saw this cooler as an option for my box it was one I wanted. It’s the perfect little size and we used it at the beach a lot. I was able to see the same cooler for cheaper not through the business&pleasure site but on their site they do have other cute designs. Will be using this weekend at the park!


One of my best friends, Catherine, gave me this Brumate as a Christmas gift. It’s one of those gifts that made me realize I never knew how much I needed this product! She even made it cuter by monogramming it for me! I’m sure many of you have seen Facebook ads for them but it’s a site with Yeti-like koozies for hard seltzers that keeps them cold. Ok fine, it can be used for tall beers too if you’re into that. I became obsessed with Truly Lemonades at the beach, seriously if you haven’t tried them do yourself a favor and get a pack. It was so nice having this to keep my drink cold and also differentiate which one is mine. Again, the beach, the park, my house, this has been getting used a lot! Also a great gift idea!

Straw Clutch, Cover up & Earrings

Figured I’d do a little bundle package here with the next three items. I’ve always loved straw or wicker in the summer. I saw a similar clutch on a LIKEtoKNOW.it page and one day when mindlessly looking through the Target app, like I do WAY too often, I saw this one and decided to get it. It’s the only “purse” I’ve been using because it goes with everything! Then, I saw the earrings on the same LIKEtoKNOW.it page and bought them and have been wearing them with different outfits and even bathing suits. I figured both these items will also be good transition items into fall. I actually didn’t have a beach cover up, I just wore shorts or rompers that I also wore as normal day-to-day outfits. When I was looking at bathing suits I came across this cover up on Cupshe! I have to say I really like it and the bathing suit I got from there! Cute & cheap, what more do you need? I also like it because of the length and being short, cover ups can be hard to find due to length.


I also customized to get these in my FabFitFun box as a result of having seen a couple of my friends wear them last summer when they got them in their boxes! Y’all, I feel like such a diva in these and I love everything about it! I like that they aren’t metal because then they don’t get caught in my hair and the cat-eye look is enough to make anyone feel like they’re rocking the red carpet. Ask my family, I love a good set of cat-eye glasses!

That rounds up my summer essentials, what are yours. I would love to hear what some of yours are as I’m always looking for new things to try! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer and taking time to have some fun in the sun!


2 thoughts on “2020 Summer Essentials

  1. Hi Katie, I’m your Ya Ya’s friend Barbara. Your blog was great. Hope you’re doing well during these unusual times. Have a great rest of the summer. Barb


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