Quarantine Eats

Hi friends! How is everyone holding up? I hope you all are staying healthy and sane. It’s crazy to think we’ve been doing this whole quarantine thing for two months now…

My quarantine has consisted of copious amounts of Netflix and Hulu binging, working, working out, pretending to become a Tik Tok star and eating. Always eating…I thought it was COVID-19, not quarantine 19?! Kidding! Due to the constant access to food I now have, especially since my desk is right next to our kitchen, I’ve been trying to stick to healthy eating, especially during the week. I wanted to share with you all my favorite healthy recipes that I’ve made thus far. Ok, maybe not all of them are necessarily “healthy” per say but most of them are and let’s be real, we are in the middle of a pandemic, we need to cut ourselves some slack! I’ve linked all the recipes below and have also pinned them on my Pinterest. Quick side bar, please feel free to follow my Pinterest for my blog where I’ll be pinning recipes I want to try, styles I like, workouts I think I’ll be able to do, etc.

I may have mentioned before, maybe I haven’t, that I do Weight Watchers. I plan to do a post on my experience with Weight Watchers and am happy to answer any questions you all my have if you are considering it! I mention Weight Watchers though because that drives a lot of the meals I choose to make. Let me be very clear in that I am by no means super strict with it, nor do I only eat meals that are Weight Watchers’ friendly. If I’m being honest, I’ll be ordering some sort of unhealthy meal tonight for dinner (currently deciding between Lost Dog or Chick-fil-A). Your girl likes to eat! It’s all about #balance.

Many of the recipes below are from my favorite site SkinnyTaste. I’ve mentioned this site on the blog before (click here for more of my favorite recipes) and it’s because they are healthy but so, so tasty!! I also appreciate that she lists the Weight Watchers points as well.

Honey Sriracha Chicken and Rice Bowls

The sesame seeds and scallions are a must!

I meal prepped these for lunch this week and they were fire! Literally, my mouth was burning because I have a weak tolerance for spice but also figuratively in that they were SO GOOD. I actually used skinless chicken tenderloins instead of breasts but really no difference. I will say that I had to use more cornstarch than the recipe called for, so just be aware you may need to add a little extra. For the rice I used Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice. If you haven’t tried this, do yourself a favor and pick up a box. All you do is throw the bag of rice into the microwave for 3 minutes and ta-da, perfect ready-to-eat brown rice. What I also appreciate about this meal is that it’s really good even reheated. Sometimes, when you reheat food the next day, it doesn’t taste as good. Not the case here!

Spicy Whole Wheat Linguini with Sausage and Roasted Peppers


There was a period of time where I was making this back-to-back weeks. It’s been a hot second since I have made it so I added it to my meal prep for this week for dinner. Man, how I forgot how good this recipe is! I couldn’t find whole wheat linguini at Trader Joe’s so this time, I used this brown rice and quinoa spaghetti from Trader Joe’s and I must say, it was pretty good! I also used the Trader Joe’s jalapeno chicken sausage instead of hot chicken sausage. Two spicy meals in one week for this spice wimp, who am I?! It’s pretty pathetic that I’m sad that I’ll be finishing off the batch I made for this week for lunch today but it’s just so tasty. It’s also not too time consuming to make!

Turkey Taco Quinoa Skillet

Give me all the cilantro!

When I say I ate this for two weeks straight, I’m not lying. At least for one meal every day, I ate this delish recipe. This recipe makes six servings but because you usually have to buy a pound of ground turkey, I doubled it and therefore I had 12 servings of this! I could’ve froze some of it but honestly, I didn’t get sick of it because it’s soooo flavorful. This one does take a little longer to prepare and the only reason that’s bad is because once you start to smell all the ingredients you just want to eat it! There were times I also added sour cream on top as a garnish, but it’s honestly good on it’s own too. As you can see, in addition to garlic, cilantro is usually doubled if not tripled for me when I cook 🙂

Caprese Salad

I got this olive oil from a winery we got to tour in Italy called Antico Castello Winery.

In my latest Trader Joe’s haul, I finally got some of their balsamic glaze that I’ve been wanting to try. Last week, work was absolutely insane to the point I barely had time to eat. I didn’t really meal prep anything but also didn’t want to order food. So, I made this little Caprese Salad. Quick and easy! When I went to Italy earlier this year, we got to do a wine tasting and tour at the cutest family owned and operated winery called Antico Castello Winery. In addition to their amazing Taurasi wine, I also got this olive oil shipped back. I try to save this olive oil for special occasions and this was one of them. Between the olive oil and the balsamic glaze, ugh it was perfection! I’ll admit I’m not a huge tomato person but I could eat this all day, every day.

Strawberry Shortcake

Can I have some shortcake with that whipped cream??

I had a tub of strawberries that were going to go bad soon and some Bisquick that’s been left over since my Galentine’s brunch that I’ve been trying to get rid of and therefore that led us here. This is no fancy recipe by any means but it’s pretty freaking tasty. Honestly, it’s on the side of Bisquick box haha. But, who doesn’t love some good-ole fashioned strawberry short cake?! Finally finished the last of it last night. Truthfully, I could even just do without the shortcake part and eat the strawberries in sugar with whipped cream. As you can see, big whipped cream girl here! This is where I let myself not be so strict and treated myself to a little dessert because again, #balance.

Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee has been quite the craze on social media this quarantine. So of course, I had to give it a try! The picture above is actually from my second attempt at whipped coffee. My first attempt I made the mistake of trying to whip the instant coffee, sugar and hot water by hand and let’s just say 20 minutes later I had a very sore arm and no whipped coffee. You definitely need a hand mixer or standing mixer for this recipe to work! I did pin a recipe on Pinterest but you can also just go to TikTok. It’s really simple though: 2 tbsp. instant coffee, 2 tbsp. sugar (I did one for health purposes) and 2 tbsp. of hot water (I boiled mine), mix it all together until it becomes stiff peaks and then put on top milk with ice. I didn’t know what to expect but it’s so good and I highly recommend! Next I’m going to try Kori Kohi Coffee…look it up (or at my Pinterest), it looks easy and delicious!

If you have any recipes you’ve really been enjoying this quarantine, please share as I love to try new things in the kitchen!

Stay safe and healthy, everyone! Happy cooking!


6 thoughts on “Quarantine Eats

  1. Love this Katie! I also love to cook & during this pandemic 3 friends & myself having been sharing dinner pictures & recipes, it has been so fun and I’ve learned so many new things. Presentation is my thing & I see you got it! I would share but mine are not WW friendly since butter is my #1 staple😋😉. Thank you for the invite & look forward to reading your blog!


    1. You are so sweet!! Please still share because I LOVE me some butter! Not even going to lie last week for lunch I made myself mushrooms sautéed in about 1/4 cup of butter…whoops! Thank you for the support ♥️


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