Girls Weekend in Annapolis

This past weekend three of my best friends from college, Lisa, Emily, Christine, and I went on our quarterly girls trip. These weekends have become something I truly treasure, and something I stay looking forward too. The four of us lived together senior year of college and since graduating have been able to plan a girls trip once a quarter since we are spread out on the East Coast. These weekends are always so refreshing but also go by way too quickly. Our weekend trips typically are in driving distance and have ranged from Bryce ski resort, to Ocean City New Jersey, to Charlottesville, to D.C. and this time, Annapolis. We rarely go into our girls weekends with a detailed itinerary as for us it’s really about being together, catching up, playing nose game to see who is going to get cradle-rocked by Lisa (don’t ask) and usually drinking a lot of wine. It’s not uncommon for us to end up at a nail salon, some aesthetically pleasing coffee shop or antique store at some point during the weekend either!

Back in January/February when we were planning this girls weekend, we wanted to go somewhere cute and quaint yet still drivable and somewhere we hadn’t yet been to as a group. That led us to Annapolis! Thankfully, with all the craziness that’s been going on with the coronavirus, we were still able to go and have a great time and manage some social distancing!

Annapolis was the absolute perfect town for our girls trip. We were able to find a cheap Air BnB, the food was great and reasonably priced, the scenery is absolutely stunning and the weather ended up being beautiful! This was a good time of year to go because it’s right before peak season given Annapolis is a port town. Prior to our trip I had done a poll on Instagram to get some recommendations of things to do and places to eat and Emily had also gotten recommendations from a friend. While Annapolis is only about an hour from me, I’ve only spent a couple hours there total in my life.

Since three of us were able to get off work we met up for dinner on Friday night at one of the most highly recommended places to go in Annapolis and that was this restaurant and bar called Pussers. Yes, that seriously is the name. We were able to get a table right on the water and manage to take advantage of the half-off bottles of wine happy hour deal! I agree with this recommendation given the view was great, the people-watching even greater and the food was good too! Apparently, it’s also a hot place to go “out-out” to but we never ended up experiencing it in that capacity. After dinner, we headed back to the Air BnB to meet Christine who would complete our quartet. We popped open a bottle of wine and chatted about everything that girls do: work, life, boys, families, etc.

The next morning we woke up and got ready and headed into Downtown Annapolis to checkout another highly recommended brunch spot, Iron Rooster. Luckily, the wait wasn’t long at all. The menu had so many options that Emily and I decided to split our meals because I couldn’t decide. If you go to Iron Rooster, which I highly, highly recommend, get the the Crab Hash but the Chicken + Waffles are also a good option.

Our cute little brunch spot, right in downtown Annapolis!

After brunch, we decided to walk around especially given how nice the weather was. There are so many cute shops in Annapolis so we just strolled down the streets and wandered in and out of cute little antique shops, a pottery shop, an adorable book store and coffee shop in one, and other boutique-like stores. Because of the coronavirus it wasn’t overly crowded which was nice. We headed back to our Air BnB to relax a little, we opened another bottle of wine, and tried to figure out our going out plan.

As I mentioned before our goal on these trips is not making it jammed pack with things to do but instead just being together. So, it’s no surprise that we ended up deciding that instead of going to the bars, pizza and a movie were much more appealing. Plus, we wouldn’t want to risk possibly catching coronavirus, right?! Papa Johns and Hitch made for the perfect night. Side note, I haven’t watched Hitch in probably 10 years and I forgot how great of a movie it is. Definitely recommend watching during this time of quarantine if you haven’t seen it in a while.

The only picture we got! Snuggled up to watch Hitch #socialdistancing

We had to be out of our Air BnB by 11 am so we got up, got ready and grabbed some breakfast at a cute little coffee shop closer to where we stayed called Blue Rooster. Not sure why so many places in such a small town have the word rooster in it?? It was perfect. Cute, cheap, and quick so that those who lived farther could get on the road.

Even though we actually got to Annapolis earlier in the day than we normally do for girls weekends, it didn’t make the time slow down any. I’m thankful for my friendships with these girls and even more thankful that we continually make time for these necessary girls weekends!

If you have any fun traditions you do with your friends or suggestions for our future girls weekends, all are always welcomed!

Stay safe and happy social distancing and quarantining friends!


2 thoughts on “Girls Weekend in Annapolis

  1. I’m so happy you ladies had such a fun weekend! I’ve still never been to Annapolis but it’s on my wish list and I appreciate the restaurant suggestions. Wishing all of you health and happiness during your quarantine! Pizza and movies sounds spot on to me:)


    1. You would love it! It’d be the perfect getaway (after this craziness) for you and Mr. Bickel! Your cross-country trip with Kaitlin looked so fun!!


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