The One About Fab, Fit, Fun!

Hi! Happy Friday! I wanted to write about something fun (get the hint?) this week given my last couple posts have been a little more “serious”. I will warn you that this is probably tailored more towards females, but hey I’m not going to discriminate! Plus, the holidays are quickly approaching ladies and gentleman so just saying…potential gift idea!!

Back in June, I went on a girls trip with some of my best gals from college. To my surprise, they all started talking about their FabFitFun boxes and the products they got. I felt like such an outsider not having a subscription! I had always seen ads on social media, especially of celebrities doing their “unboxing” videos. I didn’t pay much attention to the ads but after hearing the reviews of my friends I was intrigued.

After a couple months of thinking about it, I decided to bite the bullet and sign up! Ok…really, it was a random weeknight, close to midnight, couldn’t sleep and was on Facebook, saw an ad and said, “Screw it, I’m doing it!” My recent late night online shopping habit is something I’m working on…recommendations on how to stop are appreciated!

Anyways, the way FabFitFun works is they release one box every season. You can buy one box at a time, typically for $49.99/box or you can do an annual subscription for $180/all four boxes. I decided to do the annual subscription. If you’re wondering, you pay the full amount up front! When it comes to budgeting, I just budgeted the full the amount for the month I paid. I chose to do the annual subscription because you have the ability to hand-select some of the items that come in your box! And you save $5 a box!

Finally the day came where my box arrived and I was so excited. Honestly, I really wanted to make my own “unboxing” video like all the celebs do but I chickened out. Instead, I’m doing this “unboxing” blog post! Maybe my next box I’ll have the courage to do an Insta story unboxing video 😊

All the fun goodies from my fall box!

1. Plush Ultra Soft Fringe Scarf ($75 value)

This was the first thing I got to hand-select! I love scarves/shawls and I love buffalo checkered. I recently wore this as more of a shawl with just a plain white long-sleeve and jeans and it really was soft and warm!

2. TrèStiQue Mini Eye Essentials ($48)

This is the product I’ve used the most from this box! I use it every day! It is four eye “crayons.” I mainly use the eye shadow ones and they seriously last so long! This is a make-up product/brand I’ll likely continue to purchase once I run out.

3. Kut from Kloth Striped Wallet ($60)

I was really torn on whether to go with this or the other option, a cheese board. I love all things cheese and thought it would be great for hosting! But, when it came down to choosing I thought about what do I actually need more. I have plenty of serving platters and cheese cutters. So, I chose the wallet and honestly I’m glad I did! While it’s long, it’s flat and has fit in every bag I’ve used.

4. The Better Skin Co. Lava Magik ($32)

This is a hand-selected item that is a 3-in-1. It’s a face mask, cleanser and scrub! It smells really good. I tried it as a face mask and I’m not going to lie, it really irritated my skin and my skin burned while I had it on. As a cleanser and scrub however, I’ve enjoyed it and it’s left my face feeling really soft! I’ve been afraid to try it as a mask again because of the first time but next time I’ll leave the mask on for a shorter time.

5. Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes ($16)

This is one I didn’t hand-select. I honestly haven’t tried it. I’m not one who takes many baths to try this out. It says you can use it when you shower but I keep forgetting to take one in the shower with me…

6. SKIN&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner ($30)

I’ll admit, I am not one to rely on when it comes to a skin care routine as all I do is wash my face. However, the reason my box is so skin care product heavy is because I’m trying to change that. I now use this toner after I cleanse with the Better Skin Co cleanser I mentioned above. I then follow it with a serum I got from Marshall’s. I like the aroma of this toner and have noticed my skin improving as far as shine! Right now, I only use it as part of my nightly skin care routine but need to start doing it for my morning routine as well.

7. AVEDA daily hair repair cream ($30)

This product is another one I didn’t hand-select but came in my box. I’ll be honest, I personally haven’t been that impressed. I’ve used it almost every day after I shower while my hair is still wet before styling but I haven’t noticed much of a difference in my hair. I’m going to continue to see if it improves more over time.

8. Human + Kind Body Soufflé ($18)

Y’all…this is my favorite thing I got in my box. I did hand-select it. It smells amazing, makes my skin feel SO. GOOD. I love it. Highly recommend trying it!!

My overall satisfaction with my first FabFitFun Box is pretty high! If you’re thinking about it but don’t want to commit, I’ve been seeing a lot of things online about 50% off your first box which would be the fall box! Some other options I could’ve chosen were a cheese board, hair straightener, Bauble Bar earrings or under-the-eye patches. I am not sponsored nor is this me trying to pressure you into signing up to make myself feel better…ok maybe it’s a little of that last part 😉

I won’t do this every time but I just was so excited about getting my first box and some of the products. I’ll definitely continue to share products I get and like through my Instagram stories. As mentioned, because of my lack of skin care routine, I wanted to focus on those products this time around!

I hope you have a fab, fit and fun weekend!