2019 Resolutions Check-In

Hi everyone, happy spring! It’s April, and I am so ready for warm weather, flowers, rooftops and everything else spring/summer encompasses. April also means the end of the first quarter of the year. Does anyone else feel like January was the slowest month ever but then February and March flew by?! Anyways, in the spirit of accountability I wanted to do a check-in on how I’m tracking towards my resolutions. Fair warning, not great!

1. Continue to build a stronger relationship with God.

This time last year, my relationship with God was probably the strongest it’s ever been. I was really studying His word every day and trusting in Him. Given some recent events in my life I found myself pulling away from my faith. I know it’s now more than ever that I need to lean on Him and I’ve been working towards restoring my relationship with Him. This is one I’ve always felt will be a work in progress, not one that will be truly “checked off.”

2. Better blog post frequency.

Seeing as I’ve posted once a month versus once a week like I wanted, not doing too hot on this! I’m back on track though and planning on upping my frequency. Stay tuned!

3. Make working out part of my regular routine.

I started the first two weeks off great, went to the gym five times a week. And then it slowly reduced. I’m definitely feeling the lack of exercise on my body and am looking to get focused again. I also started Weight Watchers (more to come) and am hoping this will be motivation to get back on track!

4. Live more affordably.

Finally, a resolution I’m not epically failing at! I have been able to put money away to savings this year, a much better start than the beginning of last year. There’s obviously ways to continue to improve this but I have been trying to be more conscious about my spending and it’s been paying off (no pun intended ;))!

5. Be present.

This is another resolution that I feel like will never truly be “checked” off. I’d say I’m doing slightly better at this but still have a lot of room for improvement when it comes to looking up not down.

6. Be more selfish.

The Gemini that I am and always needing to please others has made this resolution difficult. But, I can think of specific instances where I probably wouldn’t have said anything regarding what I want but have. Baby steps.

7. Read more.

I’m laughing out loud as I write this because I originally was going to set my resolution at 24 books this year and then decided to be “realistic” and do one a month for a  total of 12 and…I’ve read one. Yes, one book this whole year. Now, the positive is that’s one book more than I read last year. However, I have a lot of catching up to do in order to achieve this goal.

8. Relearn to ride a bike.

Now that the weather is starting to warm up, fingers crossed permanently, I’m hoping I’ll be able to accomplish this resolution sooner rather than later. Relearning to ride a bike could lead to so many fun activities once the weather is consistently warm!

As you all can see I’m not close to completing a single resolution I set for 2019. To be frank, I’m really behind. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re not still achievable. I still have 9 more months in the year to complete them and I plan on doing just that. I felt in the spirit of transparency it was still worth sharing my lack in accomplishment of my resolutions. Life happens. Things are going to come up and may set you back a little but you just have to focus and reprioritize.

I hope you all are tracking towards your resolutions much better than I am!



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