The One Year Anniversary of My Blog!

Hi friends! I’m so sorry I’ve been so M.I.A lately and that it’s been over a month since my last post. I promise there’s good reason for the neglect, but that’s not something I’m ready to talk about yet. What is important is that it’s the 1 year anniversary of when I went live with Stumbling Through My Twenties!! I figured it’d be a good time to share why I started my blog and my intentions with the blog.

I’ve always enjoyed exploring my creative side. I also enjoy writing even though I’ll be the first to admit it’s not one of my strengths. That’s definitely one of the key factors I wanted to create a blog: to enhance my writing skills. Throughout college I created numerous blogs but never did anything with them and never made them public, mostly out of fear. I’ve always yearned for an outlet to express myself and my thoughts and figured blogging would be fun. For those wondering, I’ve really enjoyed it! I wouldn’t be fully transparent if I didn’t mention another big factor in why I started a blog…to have a hobby. When I was on the dating apps one of the most frequently asked questions was, “What’s your hobby?” I was so ashamed that I didn’t have a “unique” one and that I always resorted to hanging with friends, watching Netflix, etc. I understand in today’s world, having a blog isn’t a unique hobby. But, I liked and still like the idea of having something to be held accountable for.

When it came to what I would actually blog about I didn’t feel as if I had the expertise to narrow it down to one thing. What I did realize though was as I talked to people about things I had experienced or was experiencing as I became a “real” adult, such as doing taxes, learning to iron, and budgeting, others were in the same boat and experiencing the same struggles. Ok fine, maybe no one else thought the steam symbols were broccoli on an iron, but you know what I mean! That’s when I decided that it’s my blog, I didn’t have to make it about one thing and if it helped someone learn from my mistakes, that’s an added bonus. I also have never had the intention for this to lead to an income or career. Not saying or shaming those who are trying to do that. Honestly, kudos to you because I know how much time, effort, and strategizing go into making a very successful blog. That’s also not to say I may not have that desire down the line.

While my desire to become “insta-famous” from my blog isn’t high, that doesn’t mean that my interest with creating content for my blog hasn’t shifted. I’m not going to lie, at the beginning I kind of just blogged whenever I wanted about whatever I wanted. This year I’ve been planning my posts to be relevant to the time of year or something going on. I’ve tried to put more thought and effort into the pictures I’m associating with each post, how I stage said pictures, the aesthetic I want to go for, etc. I also have invested more into the look of my blog from the standard free template that Word Press offers. I’ve realized that I actually enjoy the behind-the-scenes planning and creativity just as much as I like the actual writing of the posts.

I can’t reflect on the past year or why I started a blog in the first place if I didn’t mention you all.  If I didn’t care if people read my posts, even if my desire isn’t to become largely successful from it, I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep going. So, to anyone who has read any post of mine, thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say, it really does mean a lot! I can’t tell you how excited I get when someone tells me they read my blog post and share their thoughts. That being said, if you ever have topics you want me to cover, please let me know!

Thank you for following along me the last year, I love you all. I’m excited to continue to share my thoughts and experiences over the next year!


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