The One About Granting Yourself Grace

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve never been more excited about a Friday in my life. I started a new role on Monday, still at the same company I’ve been working for. As with any new position, the first week of trying to get up-to-speed has been exhausting! I’ve definitely been enjoying all the new things I’ve been learning and have already been pushed outside of my comfort zone which is why I wanted a new role, that’s how you grow!

The thing with me, and I’m sure with most others, whenever starting something new, whether it’s a job, project, etc., I want to become an expert instantaneously. I get really frustrated with myself when I’m not able to pick things up quickly or have to do something multiple times before I finally get it right. The funny thing is, when it comes to others, I try to be really patient, key word try, with them when they are first starting out. I tell them it’s ok to trial and error it as many times as they need to before they’re comfortable doing it. Why is it that I can’t do the same for myself?

Grant yourself grace.

This is something a couple of my new teammates have been saying to me this week. I couldn’t help but think this is something that I and others need to do not only practice when it comes to starting a new role but just in life in general. There’s so many times where I beat myself up for doing something or even not doing something or feeling a certain way. But, if I practice granting myself grace, maybe I can start understanding that I’m allowed to do something as many times as I need to in order to get it right or that I’m allowed to have feelings and feel a certain way.

A very recent and simplified example of me not granting myself grace, I recently got a Cricut machine. For those who don’t know what a Cricut is, it’s an art machine that allows you to create designs and then can cut or draw those designs on different material types. It’s really cool and fun for arts and crafts! Anyways, I was trying to make a card and I could not get the positioning right for the lettering once I hit the “make” button, on the design app it looked perefect. I wasted a whole sheet of cardstock trying to get it right. Oh no, not a whole sheet of cardstock, especially when the pack of 50 sheets only cost $2.50 making each sheet worth $0.05…haha I’m cheap and proud of it, ok?! Anyways, not only was I frustrated by my wasted sheet of cardstock but I was so frustrated that I couldn’t get it right and ended up giving up! I felt stupid for not being able to fix it immediately. Why though? It was literally my first time using the machine to create a card, I am still learning how to use the design app, of course it’s going to take trial and error to figure it out. What I needed to do was grant myself grace because I know if I am patient I will get it right.

Same with my new role, it’s literally my first week. My management isn’t expecting me to be 100% up-to-speed so why should I? If I want to succeed in this role as badly as I do, I need to allow myself time to learn everything!

So my message to all of you, is to just remember that it takes time to become an expert. Rome wasn’t built in a day, Einstein didn’t become a genius overnight, so why should you expect that for yourself? Grant yourself grace!!

Have an awesome weekend friends!


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