The One About 2019

Happy New Year!! One of the best things (this may later change to worst things) about having a blog is it’s not longer me holding myself accountable, but now my readers can too. That is why I wanted to make sure that I wrote a post for my 2019 resolutions. In my last post I wrote about how I’m the type of person who does make resolutions each year because I like to have a list that I can hopefully check-off. So, here we go for 2019…

1. Continue to build a stronger relationship with God

This is one I had on last year’s resolutions list as well and is one that I will never take off. There is always room to improve your relationship with God and learn from Him. I’m excited to continue to do this and hopefully involve more people along in the process. Do not read that as I will force people to join me in my growth with God, I just hope I will be able to do it with more people who want to!

2. Better blog post frequency

Step one in 2018 was to create the blog, and create posts. What I wasn’t good at was keeping a consistent frequency in which I was writing and posting. I want to improve that in 2019 and also the whole look of my blog. My intention right now is not for this to be a side hustle but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to make it more presentable and continue to provide content.

3. Make working out part of my regular routine

Right now, I consider it a good week if I get the gym twice, ok, once a week. Throughout previous years there are periods where I’ll be diligent in working out consistently but then something happens and it’s the first thing to go. I NEED to reprioritize working out and make it a constant in my life. I just need to remind myself the feeling after completing a work out and closing the rings on my Apple Watch! If anyone is up for a competition, add me!

4. Live more affordably

Living in the DMV is expensive. There’s no denying it. This year I really struggled with balancing doing things I wanted to but also saving money. I was talking to my mom the other day about a new restaurant that opened up and how cheap it was because meals are only $12. Isn’t that pathetic, that $12 for a meal is considered cheap? Well at least in the DMV it is. This year I need to hold myself accountable in making sure I make decisions to do things based on if I can afford it and not because I have a serious case of FOMO (fear of missing out for all you old timers). While it’s hard to miss out, what’s harder is seeing my savings dwindling/not saving at all. This is something I have already started and will be posting about how I’ve been meticulously budgeting but need to improve on in 2019.

5. Be present

The next couple of years are going to be hard for me with all the changes that will likely occur due to life. My family is going to be more spread out, friends are going to be moving, work will become demanding, etc. I want to take it all in while I can and enjoy having friends and family within arms reach so-to-speak. I have to give Matt, my boyfriend, serious credit because this is something he does so well and it has inspired me to do.

6. Be more selfish

All of my life I’ve struggled with putting the needs of others before myself. I have always been more worried about making sure everyone else is happy or satisfied even if it means my own happiness or needs take a back seat. This translates to all aspects of my life: work, family, friends, you name it. What I’ve realized in the last year, is by not sticking up for myself and my needs not only do I suffer but it inadvertently effects others too. This one is going to really hard for me being the people pleaser I am. I need to remember at the end of the day I’m the only one who is truly going to look out for me. This isn’t one I expect to be able to fully check off but, it’s something I need to start to practice.

7. Read more

I actually enjoy reading and it’s something I’ve wanted to incorporate more into my life. Recently I got my library card and I want to put it to use. I know it’s a low goal, but I want to read 12 books this year. I figured one book a month is realistic for me given other priorities. If you have any book suggestions please pass them along!!

8. Relearn to ride a bike

I know this may sound silly and there’s always the old saying, “It’s like relearning to ride a bike, you just remember.” I haven’t touched a bike since I got a car almost 10 years ago. I don’t know that this one will take long to accomplish but I do want to get back on a bike.

I hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed 2019! While I hate to see ya go 2018, I’m excited for you 2019.


2 thoughts on “The One About 2019

  1. You and I have similar goals! I’ve been waking up doing BeachBody every morning. And I’m doing a read the Bible in a year plan and listening to the days assignment on my commute.
    Book recommendation: The Couple Next Door – could not put it down!


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