The One About Zach

My parents ability to have children at almost the same time as one another is really a talent. John and Zach’s birthdays are 3 days apart and mine and Jake’s birthday are 2 days apart but that’s besides the point.

I’m here to talk about the baby of the Agnos family, not-so-little Zachy. I’ve already mentioned in a previous blog post how upset I was when we found out Zach was a boy and not girl. But, once Zach was born I got excited because he looked JUST like baby Tarzan! With his dark skin and the absurd amount of dark hair all over his body, his resemblance to Tarzan was uncanny. He was a pretty new born, which is not a commonly used phrased. My earliest memory of Zach is when we thought it’d be cute to sing the famous Phil Collin’s song “Don’t Stop Your Crying” while my parents video recorded us. Looking back, I wish that video never existed, talk about awkward! We were all obsessed with him.

Zach and I have an age difference of seven years. So naturally, I took on the role of Mom. I remember when Zach was a child my mom would call for him to come in from outside and if he didn’t respond or show up within .5 seconds of that calling, immediate panic would consume me. I became such a worry-wart with him more-so than my other brothers, I think because I always saw him as a baby and never wanted anything to happen to him. Especially now, I still have a hard time not mothering him despite him being 18 years old because I still picture him as a baby.

Compared to the other Agnos siblings, Zach definitely is probably the most easy going. I guess that kind of comes with the territory of being the youngest and having to just do what the others said. One thing that has paid off for Zach with being the youngest has been his talents when it comes to baseball. Having two older brothers who both are amazing athletes meant Zach had to start at young age to keep up with them. In turn it has made him probably the best baseball player in the family (sorry Jake and John). While Zach doesn’t love to apply himself in school, his commitment and intelligence when it comes to baseball is amazing to watch.

In the last five or so years, Zach has also developed quite the sense of humor making him probably the funniest Agnos. So long are the days when his best comeback was, “What are you laughing at Katie? Your ugly face?” Mom, I can hear you cackling at that now. Zach also wins the award for best dancer in the family as we are still trying to figure out where his moves came from as none of us got that gene.

It’s really, really hard for me to believe that Zach is now 18 years old let alone graduating high school this year. The Agnos family officially has no babies left, which just means mom and dad, you’re officially old.

Zach, thanks for completing the Agnos family and also thanks for that Brittany Spears CD you “brought” me when you were born. I realized I never truly thanked you for that ;).

Have an amazing day, and please remember that you are officially an adult now, so be smart!

I love you and look forward to watching you live out your baseball dreams. However, if that doesn’t end up panning out, please know that according to Mom, you definitely could have a career as a model.

If I had to compare you to any character on Friends, you’re definitely a Joey!


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