The One About John

August 12, 1994 I became a big sister. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my parents for allowing me one whole year to be an only child. You couldn’t let me have the attention for just a little bit longer?? Kidding!

John and I are close to what you call Irish twins. We are only 15 months apart. Being close in age definitely has its benefits, especially when we were growing up. Because I was (still am) the older and wiser sibling, that meant John would follow me around and do whatever I told him to. I wish this was still the case ;). I don’t remember much from my early years of life but I do always remember having a shadow right behind me. I specifically remember the times we’d be going through the McDonald’s drive thru and my parents would ask John what he wanted and he’d turn to me and ask, “Katie, what are you getting?” In which I would tell him and he would quote the same order back to my parents. John was also always my accessory. When I was pretending to be Dorothy he was my little Lollipop boy in a Lederhosen. When I tried on my Snow White Halloween costume, John wanted to try it on too (I have pictures to prove it).

Come middle school is when John’s identity started to become more of his instead of what I made it. It was during this time that it started to become apparent that while he was quieter and more introverted, he was probably going to be smarter than me. He was in all the advanced classes and aced them with ease. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous of Jonn. He is so naturally smart that getting good grades never seemed difficult or him. Meanwhile, I’d have to study so hard to get as good of a grade or worse grade than he would.

John has an uncanny understanding when it comes to money and being successful, something I really struggle with. Even though he is younger and I started my career before him, he’s already become more successful than I could dream to be.

John also has self-discipline unlike I’ve ever seen. Something that not only myself, but many others admire him for. I mean I personally couldn’t work out for 4-6 hours a day but the fact he can, and has committed himself in doing so is amazing.

Usually, younger siblings look up to their older siblings. However, in my case, I look up to John. While he’s definitely more introverted, he’s sensitive, intelligent and has a great dry sense of humor.

Happy 24th birthday little bro. I hope that despite having to travel for work, you have a great day and even better year ahead. Love ya!

It’s kind of ironic how much of a Ross you are to my Monica, just saying.


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