The One About Paul

Everyone needs a Paul Flegas in their life. Lucky for me, I get to call the OG Paul Flegas my best friend.

I specifically remember when Paul and I became “official friends.” I knew who Paul was since freshman year as I had seen him around Slusher and other parts of campus. It wasn’t until sophomore year at a party in good ole Pheasant Run Crossing that we were introduced and the rest is history.

Shortly after that first meeting we both attended a Hellenic Society (Greek Club) event since we bonded over both being Greek. Of course the event revolved around food which has since been a constant in our friendship (I can always count on Paul to finish my meals)! That was the first time we hung one-on-one and here we are 5 years later…

I’ve said this from the beginning and it still holds true, the worst thing about Paul is that he sees the absolute best in every single person. Instead of focusing on people’s faults he focuses on their strengths. It’s something that is truly admirable and a quality everyone should strive for.

He’s also the type of friend that will always have your back. In my case both figuratively and literally ;). He’s always there for his friends in time of need and in time for fun. He is one of mine and others’ biggest encouragers when it comes to life and also when it comes to whether or not you should take that one shot you probably didn’t need that ends up putting you over the edge ;). I do owe a big “thank you” to Paul for all the piggy back rides throughout the years!!

Paul, Pauly, pfleg, my Greek god, I am so grateful for you and our friendship! I hope you have an amazing birthday and even more amazing year. Here’s to the next 25 years of shambles! Sorry not sorry for what sounds like our love story of a blog post, I love you!

Turn up for Paul!

Ps- no he is not my boyfriend.


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