The One About My Dad

I want to start by wishing all the dad’s out there a Happy Father’s Day! However, I’m here to brag about the best one in the game, my dad.

It’s funny, as you get older and you finally “flock the nest” you start to appreciate things more. One of the biggest things I’ve realized is that my dad is far more amazing than I ever gave him credit for.

I’ve always loved my dad and have been thankful that he has provided for my family as much as he has. However, I never truly understood just how much went into providing for a family of six. Or, how much he had to sacrifice to make sure that we not only had everything we needed but wanted.

My dad not only had the standard financial burdens of putting a roof over our heads, food to eat or clothes on our backs, he also had to add on the ridiculous amount of doctors bills that I know were incurred to make sure they did everything possible for me as my walking condition came about. Never once did he complain about it in front of me but now that I see some of these doctors bills, it’s amazing that he did that with such grace.

When it comes to my brothers, my dad has taken their passion (baseball if you couldn’t tell) and turned it into his own. He not only coached my brothers growing up but has since spent every summer traveling with them to make sure they have the best possibility of following their dreams. It’s a taxing job to say the least. Not only is it expensive but it’s a lot of nights in hotel beds, early mornings and late nights. It’s exhausting! And to top it off he’s spending this Father’a Day in New Jersey with my brother at the ball field, how appropriate!

My dad is also the one I always go to for career advice. I remember a large reorganization happened three months into my job and I was freaking out. It was my dad who immediately said, “Change means more opportunities.” He was exactly right. He’s also the one that has encouraged me to go out there and see things beyond the little bubble of Northern Virginia.

Dad, this needs to be said not just on Father’s Day but, thank you for all that you’ve done for me, the boys and mom. I apologize for not realizing sooner what actually went into being a provider, leader and amazing father but, better late than never, right?;)

I love you, dad!


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