The One Where Baseball Season is Here!

Today marks the start of what I think is the best time of year, baseball season! Baseball has been a huge part of my life and my family’s life. My grandfather played for the Twins organization, my uncle played at Virginia Tech and all three of my brothers played. In my house baseball wasn’t just a spring time sport, but a year-round sport. Therefore, most of my weekends were spent at the ball park which ultimately led to my love for the game. Besides watching the game, I also realized there are a lot of things I look forward to as opening day approaches.

1. Sound of the Bat Hitting the Ball

Call me crazy, but I love the sound of a bat hitting the ball. Not only is it a nice ring in your ears but as soon as one hears that sound you know that something exciting could happen as a result. The best is when that sound is followed the ball going yard.

2. Ballpark Hot Dogs

I am not a huge hot dog person. I like them but I don’t eat them frequently. However, nothing tastes better than a hot dog at the ballpark. I don’t know what it is, but you can’t go to a game and not get a ballpark hot dog!

3. Seventh Inning Stretch

“Take Me Out to the Ball Game” is a staple in American culture. It’s one of the only times during the game that regardless of what team you are rooting for, everyone is on the same team. I always love halfway through the 7th inning when everyone stands up and belts it out. If you don’t sing along when the song comes on then you just simply aren’t American.

4. Baseball Pants

I know you all were thinking it, ok maybe just the ladies, but hello tight spandex baseball pants!! Baseball players have the best butt’s and seeing them in these tight little pants makes the game that much more enjoyable to watch 😉

5. Hanging with Friends

Obviously I hang out with my friends all the time. But it’s fun to do something different for a change and going to a game is just that! If you take out the food and drinks, it actually can be a reasonably priced activity as well. Not only that but if it’s a good day you’re almost killing three birds with one stone: making memories with friends, getting some Vitamin D, and participating in what I think is America’s greatest pastime.

Time to play ball!


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