The One Where I Lived at Home for a Week

After I graduated college I was fortunate enough to be able to live at home for 2 years and save money. I honestly planned to stay longer but the commute eventually took a toll. Since moving out in July I haven’t really spent a period of time back home longer than a couple days. I had surgery last Thursday and in order to make sure I recovered smoothly I have been staying at my parents house. During this time I have been reminded of things that I miss and of things I like better now that I’m on my own. So here’s for some things I realized this week.

1. Mom’s cooking

This is a pretty known fact that my mom’s cooking is top notch and is definitely something I miss. Not going to lie who doesn’t love coming home for work and having a tasty meal waiting for them as you walk through the door? That being said, I also don’t miss this simply because Greek women tend to over cook for every meal. Therefore, most dinners consisted of an entree and then 3 to 5 sides. Yes, it’s all delicious and I ate it all, but do you REALLY need that many sides, ma? Since moving out I’ve actually come to really like cooking and have been able to explore with some recipes that have foods that my mom never made because she had to think of more than one person. I’ll be the first to admit though, I will never be as good a cook as my mom.

2. The Pantry

Going along with the food thing, it would be rude of me not to mention our pantry. We were always known of having the best pantry because of the amount of food and snacks it has. Literally, it is you inner child’s dream come true! One thing I’ve really removed since moving out is snacking so coming back to endless snacks was both a blessing and a curse. I have to say though that I’m looking forward to not having that temptation. Let’s be real, when given the option of fruit or Doritos, the Dorito’s are winning…

3. My Room/Bed

My bed at my new place is pretty comfortable, but the mattress topper on my bed at home is “money” as the young ones are saying these days. As Drake says, “I only love my bed and my momma.” I also really love my room at home and the color scheme we have going of pale gray walls with white, silver and pink accents. My room at my new place is super cute, don’t get me wrong, but the comfort of your room at your parents house can’t be beat. I can’t talk about my room though and not mention the size of my new room and closet! That is irreplaceable and I am not sure how I will eve be able to give it up. I also don’t know how I managed to fit all my stuff in my room at home.

4. Having a TV in my Bedroom

Growing up my parents didn’t allow us to have TV’s in our bedroom even though we begged. I remember the Christmas before I moved out (AFTER I graduated college) I put a cable box on my list in hopes I could plug up my tiny dorm room college TV and didn’t get it. My parents claim that they didn’t get it because that meant I would never leave…mhm, sure. Anyways, all throughout college I had the luxury of having a TV in my room and I now do as well. It is a total game changer. I definitely missed that this week and being able to fall asleep to a Friends episode each night 😉

5. My Mom’s Make-Up Drawer

I honestly put on make-up once this past week as I haven’t really left the house. However, I did have some fun using my mom’s make-up because her stash is out of this world. When I lived at home I always loved going and using her stuff because it was much better than mine and she also had so many more options. I definitely wish I could’ve taken advantage of this more this week. And mom, don’t worry I only took one thing, ok maybe two… 😉

6. My Family

I mentioned this in my last post about being excited when we are all able to get together, but had to mention it again. I am not going to lie in that the 2 years I lived here were not the prettiest and obviously some arguments happened but a lot of laughs did too. Being back this week I have to say there wasn’t really butting of heads between me and any of my family members which made for a great week. This is also an indication that I need to leave soon so it ends on a high note!

7. My Routine

I am very type-A and for those who are as well, you can probably appreciate this one. During the week I have a pretty generic routine but a routine nonetheless. I like consistency and knew this week wouldn’t be the norm. However, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to get back to meal-prep Sundays, working in the office and in a couple weeks going back to the gym!

All that aside, thanks mom and dad for being great nurses this past week!

As Joey once said and what I should’ve been reminding myself this week each time I went to the pantry, “A moment on the lips, forever on the hip.”


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