The One Where I Learned to Iron

Growing up with three younger brothers that were actively involved in sports, my mom was constantly (and still is) doing loads of laundry. Therefore, I was spoiled enough that while living at home prior to college (ok and when I moved back home…), I never had to do laundry (probably not something I should be admitting). Please note, I did offer to try and learn but was always told I would get in the way (Mom, you can deny this all you want but I did offer)!

It was the first weekend of college and seeing as I grew up rather sheltered, while all other freshmen were out trying to see what the party scene was like at VT, responsible, naive Katie decided she was going to do some laundry. I mean why not do it on a Friday night when all the machines are available?? Pretty smart if you ask me. So, I do my loads of laundry (my mom always taught me to separate colors and whites so it was always more than one) and am ready to iron them as I’m used to all of my clothes being ironed after being washed because that’s what my mom would do. Side note, if there’s anything you should know it’s that my mom irons EVERYTHING. I’m talking underwear, jeans and sheets included in that everything…I can’t say I’ve carried that on.

As I get out my mini ironing board and heat up the iron I realized that I had never actually used one and did not know what the heck I was doing. Mind you, this is all taking place at about 11 pm on a Friday night. So, what did I do as I always do when I don’t know something? I called my mom. Truth be told, I usually call my parents before Googling for the answer, I should probably break that habit. Anyways, I don’t think the phone fully rang once before my mom picked up the phone. Come to find out it’s because she was worried something was happening to me, but little did she know the real reason I was calling. The conversation between my mom and I went something like this:

Mom: Hello? (In a rather frantic voice)

Me: OMG mom, are you sleeping?

Mom: Yes Katie, it’s 11 pm on a Friday what else would I be doing?

Me: Why aren’t you out doing something fun?

Mom: Katie, what are you doing right now?

Me: I’m doing my laundry which is why I’m calling.

Mom: You’re asking me why I’m sleeping while you’re doing laundry…

Me: Whatever Mom. Anyways, I was wondering on the iron, what do the broccoli’s mean?

Mom: Katie, what are you talking about broccoli’s?

Me: You know, there’s one broccoli, two broccoli *quickly interrupted by my mom

Mom: I have a failed as a mother. Katie, those are the steam levels, not broccoli symbols

Me: *lightbulb* OHHHHHHH. Ok thanks mom.

Mom: Don’t ever call me again on a Friday night.

So, in case you all were wondering those are not broccoli symbols on the iron but actually the steam levels…as if I actually need to tell anyone that…

Seeing as I will never live this down in my family, I thought I’d share with you all too.

As Rachel once said, “you caught me, I am a laundry virgin.”


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